Welcome to Ingle Farm Dental


Dr Schuurmans leads our team of dentists and hygienists, who together care for the many families who attend Ingle Farm Dental, from children to pensioners. All our clinicians are highly trained to provide a wide range of services including professional cleans, white fillings, bleaching/whitening, root canal treatment, minor oral surgery, dentures, bridges and crowns.

Our modern professional practice was established in 1969 and since day one our mission has been clear: to provide an exceptional level of care to all our patients.

We also have a fantastic support team of dental assistants and receptionists who keep our practice humming!

At Ingle Farm Dental you will be treated as we would treat a member of our family. We take the time to find out your dental goals and by working in partnership with you, we help you achieve them.

Whether you would like to know more about dental implants or are after a check-up, due for a clean, need fillings or would just like whiter teeth, please call for an appointment.

We look forward to meeting you!


COVID-19 UPDATE           May 2023

We have many lovely patients here at Ingle Farm Dental and we genuinely love being here to help all of you.

Now that we are 'living with Covid', we enter a new phase of COVID. With winter ahead and cases out in the community, we ask that if you are unwell, you reschedule any non-urgent treatment. 

While we understand this is something that needed to happen eventually, it does pose a new set of challenges for us both as a small business and as an oral health service.

The most important thing for us is to remain open to provide dental care to those who need it. We are also very aware that many of our patients are in high risk categories for developing complications should they contract the virus.

In light of the risks to staff and patients, as well as our ability to continue to run as a business without multiple staff being in quarantine, we are implementing new protocols and policies so that we can best protect and continue to help you.

I would like to take this opportunity to highlight that we wish to continue to offer services to all patients, vaccinated or non-vaccinated. The SA Health directives and threat of infection require us to look at ways in which we can do this in the safest way possible.

New Changes

From Tuesday 23rd November 2021 the following policies will be in place:

  1. All staff at Ingle Farm Dental will be double-vaxxed plus booster.
  2. Everyone entering Ingle Farm Dental will be required to wear a mask. If you are unable to wear a mask, you will need to wait outside the premises for your appointment.
  3. We will be asking patients who are subject to quarantine or experiencing symptoms of fever, cough, sore throat, tiredness or loss of taste/smell, to please remain at home. Please ring the practice instead and we will look at other ways to help you through this period.
  4. All patients will be screened prior to arrival as part of our Risk Assessment, we will contact you by phone or SMS.
  5. Your medical history will be updated to include your vaccination status, as this may affect quarantine requirements for our staff. We are very aware that declaring vaccination status can be a sensitive issue for some patients. We would like to continue to service our patients that are unvaccinated or who do not wish to declare their vaccination status and appreciate your help in keeping your health records up to date. All vaccination information will be kept in the strictest of confidence on your clinical file, in line with the Privacy Act 1988.

We will be upgrading our use of PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) to meet the demands of the SA Health directive. We are also updating all of our hygiene and other safety procedures in the clinic to minimise the risk to staff and patients.

We expect the rules and restrictions to change in the weeks and months to come. Depending on quarantine requirements, there may need to be changes to your scheduled appointment. We will continue to monitor the SA Health and ADA guidelines and will keep everyone informed of any changes.

Lastly, please respect the fact that, in our industry we are quite literally working inside your mouth providing treatment that generates aerosols which can remain airborne for some time. Providing your routine dental care is about to become a high risk procedure for us. The rules and restrictions are in place to keep everyone as safe as possible while continuing to provide your dental care.

We thank you in advance for your understanding.

Kind regards,

Dr Angela Schuurmans and the team at Ingle Farm Dental